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    Meraki Academy is a highly immersive, forum-based, alternate-realm fantasy RPG with a strong focus on character development and player interaction.
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      You stand on the cusp of two realms: one that is familiar and one that defies everything you know. Will you allow the Gatekeeper to transport you beyond the mundane to a place of magic and untold secrets? This forum covers general character creation, game information, rules, house placement, and more. You can ask questions, introduce yourself out-of-character, and meet other players preparing for this epic journey into an unknown world.
      3 discussions 4 commentsMost recent: Meraki Academy: Basic Introduction by adminAugust 2015
    • This is the place where you can ask any questions you might have about the game that are not covered in the main forum.
      1 discussion 1 commentMost recent: uestion by FatesPuppetAugust 2015
    • If you'd like to chat with players out-of-character, ask them about their game experience, or find other people to play with in-game, feel free to drop in here and say hello.
      1 discussion 0 commentsMost recent: Welcome to the Gateway Chatroom by FatesPuppetAugust 2015
    • If you'd like a better idea of what's happening in Meraki, pop in here to see artwork and stories that our members have agreed to share.
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